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Ingram's Plumbing, Heating and Drain Cleaning has provided plumbing and heating services for over twenty years. Be it any kind of plumbing and drain cleaning problem, we provide one of the best drain services in Philadelphia. That is why we are regarded as THE drain cleaning specialists in Philadelphia.

Ingram's also provides high quality sewer services in Philadelphia. From sewer repair to replacement of a sewer line, Ingram's will take pride in handling all your sewer and drain problems. Creditable professional plumbers are not that easy to find. If you have faced disappointing experiences with your local plumbers, then come to us. In fact, there have been cases when a plumber in Philadelphia has himself recommended his customers to come to us. We will ensure that all your sewer and drain problems are taken care of.

Our team of trained servicemen welcomes any dilemma that might come your way, with their knowledge and experience there is no job that we can't handle! Be it Commercial or Residential services- a minor sewer repair, a broken furnace or extensive drain services, Ingram's will solve all your plumbing and drain cleaning problems.

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  • Licensed - Insured - Registered Master Plumber #4066
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